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Hello. I’m Chris. If you have stumbled across this then I better explain myself….

I am an aspiring web designer. I want to use this space to display the projects that I’m working on and hopefully write a few blog posts here and there.

I’m mainly using HTML, CSS (with a little Sass thrown in) and Javascript with the help of jQuery. Recently, I have been focusing on WordPress and plan to start developing my own themes. Ultimately, I would like to make a career out of front-end development, but one step at a time.

As a side project I dabble with the magnificently versatile Raspberry Pi. This is a great way to explore how computers work and helps me understand how they interact with other technologies, including the web.

In my spare time I love to fly. I became a private pilot in 2014 and take to sky when I can. I plan to regularly record footage of my flights for self-analysis and publish posts to illustrate what I’m learning.